Our Latest Trip

So we finally took off to visit our daughter in Byron Bay again last weekend, it’s been a few weeks since we were last there and my wife had found those amazing antique rosary beads which caused such a stir. My wife was determined to try to find something that my daughter would like just as much and she planned to stop at a number of antique shops along the way. I told her that it was extremely unlikely that she would find something as good again but she was determined to better her last outing and bring home the goods. Even my daughter was excited at the thought of our visit because she knew her mother was desperately out shopping to find something special to bring her and the kids. I wasn’t as excited because in my mind I would rather just get there and relax, rather than drag myself through a heap of antique shops looking for that special something. First stop was a quirky antique shop in sunshine bay that specialised in Korean war antiques and collectables. Unfortunately with objects of this age they can often be very expensive so I warned my wife not to get too excited about anything in particular until I had a chance to check out  the price. As luck would have it my wife immediately found in the back of the shop a wonderful old candelabra which had clearly seen better days but with a little bit of elbow grease would polish to a beautiful silver  colour.  It was pre-20th-century and had rust all on the top bar as well as some sort of silver worm in the base. It was less than $100 so my wife swooped on it like the great shopper she is  and haggled with the owner until she got a giant discount.