Latest Trip Part Two

After finding an amazing candelabra in an antique shop my wife was keen to get to buy Bay to see her daughter and the grandkids as soon as possible so she could show off her new prize. We took only about an hour to get from Sunshine Bay all the way to Byron Bay because my wife was continually encouraging me to go faster and not stop for any food along the way. When we got to my daughter’s house up in the hinterland of the Bay Area she was waiting for us at the gate with a big smile on her face clearly happy that we have arrived. We went straight inside to have a cup of tea where my wife showed her the rusty candelabra and then my daughter surprised us both by bringing out a pair of old wind chimes that she had bought at a local market only the day before. Both my daughter and wife preened themselves over their purchases and told their stories of how they had handled the price down and gotten such good bargains. It must run in the DNA of my family to go looking for bargains at garage sales and junk markets. My son-in-law took me out to the outside shed to show me all the objects my daughter had bought over the last few years at the local markets with the intention of cleaning them up and restoring them so she could sell them for a profit. He said the new windchimes would undoubtably end up in the shed by the end of the week and he would be given the task of cleaning them up, removing any rust, fixing the string and giving them a coat of paint. He didn’t seem particularly pleased with the idea, so I just chuckled and told him that it was part of the price for marrying my daughter.