Renovation Dreams

After a number of successful antique hunts for things to take our daughter on a regular visits down South, my wife has decided that we need to renovate our `ready in time for summer and all the grilling we will do with our neighbours. Now I’m not against the grilling idea, but I suspect the renovation is more about giving my wife the opportunity to go to the local markets and buy all sorts of interesting knickknacks more than it is to just entertain our friends. I confronted her with this idea, but she simply smiled and said she was just getting in the mood of creating a nice community in our area. Anyway a few days later she took off to the markets down near the beach where we live to see if she could find something to hang from the beams across the top of our pergola. I had suggested perhaps some nice hanging plants as well as some pretty pictures of scantily clad young girls, but she simply gave me a deep frown and told me to be a good old man. A few hours later she came home with a brown paper package and a big smile on her face which told me she had found something that she thought was going to do the job. She opened it excitedly in front of me and took out this beautiful large dream catcher with felt binding and jewels and stones stuck in the webbing. It was wonderful and I told her I thought she had found the perfect thing for our deck. I immediately took it outside and hung it from the beam over the back stairs where it swung in the breeze and would greet anybody who was coming over for a visit. My eldest son came home a little bit later that night and banged his head on the dreamcatcher as he came in in the dark. I told him it was to keep bad dreams away and it seemed to be trying.