First Time Exercising

Well its been a while since I decided to make some changes in my life and start to take care of myself.  if I was honest I’d have to admit the motivation to start to take care of my health was more a fear of getting sick rather than any real ego about my appearance. Still it was a good idea and so it was last Thursday morning that I found myself in the local gym taking my place in a spin class that had been advertised as being for beginners. As I looked around it became obvious that there weren’t many beginners in sight, they all had the latest gym clothes and looked like the last thing they needed was to lose weight or tone up. in fact most of them looked like they lived at the gym and seemed to know the instructor by first name and exactly what equipment to use. In my case I had to ask the instructor how to use the laid back bike because it seemed completely unnatural compared to the normal push bikes I’d been used too in my youth. The class finally started and suddenly I found I had five minutes on each machine before a buzzer would go off and I’d have to move onto the next machine. Each time we got to the three minute mark the instructor made us speed up until I was pedalling like a maniac as if I was chasing somebody up the road. in fact it brought back lots of memories as a kid pedalling through the suburbs without a care in the world. Finally the class ended and I stumbled into the next room where there was some sedate music being played and what looked like a lot of very peaceful people sitting in weird poses. Turns out it was a meditation class with a hippy looking instructor sitting on a very attractive printed yoga mat quietly singing a chant along with a silver gong. I thought this was a much better way to spend time in the Gym and made a mental note that in the future I would sign up for this meditation course before I did another spin class.  The instructor asked me if I’d made a booking to come back tomorrow but I explained that I felt I needed some time out before I could manage that much exertion again. He looked a bit disappointed because I think he thought I was likely new member. In all fairness I doubt if I’d go back again, next time I think I’ll just go for a long walk instead.