A day in Byron Bay

shutterstock_53652664It was a beautiful day last Sunday and my wife and I decided it was time to make our annual trip down to Byron Bay where our daughter lives with her new husband and two children. They usually come to us but recently the weather had been so bad that they had stayed at home for more than a few months. This time then we decided to go visit them up in the mountains surrounding Byron Bay. My wife was very excited as we hadn’t seen our daughter in over three months and of course she couldn’t wait to spoil the grandchildren. The drive usually takes about three hours from where we live but we had bought a new car recently and I expected to make the trip into a half hours less. My wife usually likes to stop along the way at some of the more interesting shops in the hills in regional New South Wales. Her favourite place is the Crystal Palace but she usually find some out of the way Tea house or curiosity shop to have a rummage around in as well. The last time we went she found some beautiful antique rosary beads that I was sure were at least 100 years old but the shopkeeper insisted were from the Second World War as they had the Anzac Day insignia stamped on the back. Anyway they were beautiful and my wife bought them and gave them to my daughter when we arrived at her home. She was clearly impressed because the last time we were there they were hanging on the wall in a prominent part of the lounge room so she obviously liked them. My wife was as pleased as punch at seeing them on display so ever since all she’s talked about is finding another nice thing to give her daughter next trip. Anyway today’s the day we make the trip and I must admit I’m pretty excited as well.